RonTech Products

RonTech devices are used in numerous industrial applications, but especially in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the most frequent applications is patient information leaflets with medications. However, our solutions also include a wide variety of customized feeding and automation systems.

RonTech, with headquarters in Graubünden, Switzerland, has specialized in feeders, i.e. supply systems, since 1993. Today it is considered one of the leading companies in the area of feeders and supply systems. Many well known manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and toy industries rely on RonTech products.

We develop and build compact feeding systems for flat products of all kinds and have also developed SpaceFeeder, the universal infeed system for bulk material.

Since we design these machines ourselves, we offer special customized solutions for many feeding tasks that can be inserted seamlessly into your sorting and packaging lines. All of our product feature high quality, functionality, sturdy processing, and a contemporary industrial design. They are user-friendly, very low maintenance, and CE-compliant.