Company history

It is a simple and yet demanding challenge: We listen to you. The wide range of your flat products or bulk material demands our undivided attention from the very beginning. This is the only way our production and feeding systems can guarantee you efficient processes – and they do just that.

Since 1993, we have always demanded the highest quality, precision, and attention to deadlines from ourselves. We deliver to such diverse industries as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, toys, or simply wherever flat products and bulk material are dispensed, counted, and inserted. Feeding systems are created with Swiss expertise in our company buildings in Felsberg (Graubünden) from development through design and to construction.

The numerous machine manufacturers and end consumers who rely on
RonTech production and feeding systems demonstrate our success. Our proven and flexible modular system handles a wide range of diverse tasks and can be integrated into most existing production and packaging systems.

To ensure that our technology is continuously further developed and is optimally adapted to the tasks for which it is needed, we remain in intensive dialog with our customers and offer them flexible high-tech solutions that are also capable of handling "other" problems. RonTech works together with you to develop the design solutions that meet all your needs. That saves you production costs and sustainably increases your market success.